Friday, December 5, 2014

November Instagram

My little as Sally yesterday. She's not too sure about her wig, but she wore it all night! :-D
Sally and Jack Skellington. Cutest baby couple. EVER!
My sweet girl is 14 months old today and almost as long as her star blanket. Noooooooooooo!!!
Someone thoroughly enjoyed her breakfast this morning... NOT! She started throwing her toast on the floor in protest. So after only a few bites of toast, she had tons of grapes and some cheese. Little stinker! Lol
Yeah... Pretty much. LOL
Adriana is already feeding boys... Oh geez. Haha
They do things fancy here! Lol
Neither of us have had room service at a hotel before. So naturally, breakfast in our tempurpedic king sized bed before our drive back home.
Evening selfie with my mini me
Adriana met her little cousin August (@hi_my_name_is_august ) yesterday. The looks they were giving each other were hilarious.
They had lots of fun shopping yesterday too. HAHA
Daddy wanted in on the baby & mommy selfie session from the other night. LOL
Taken a week ago by her auntie & gramma Montemayor as they babysat, while mommy and daddy went out of town for the night to Portland.
Poor little whomper... My sick girl wasn't comfortable when I laid her down for her nap, so she decided to play for a little bit in her crib and then fell asleep like this from exhaustion. Good thing we laid her back down, otherwise she wouldn't sleep for very long HAHA
My poor little whomper woke up looking like this... And with more all over her hands. This cold is just taking its toll on her.. and mommy too.
We're super exhausted.. Poor baby woke up 8 times last night. 
Our sad little tree this year... Merry Christmas!! Only 1 more month!!!! 
My uncle Michael and me on Thanksgiving :-)
My little sassy pants on Thanksgiving
Me and my mini me on Thanksgiving
#Latergram 11/22/14 
I didn't get to see @jackiehall626 as much as I would have liked to while she was here since I was sick... But here's some cute outtakes of Baby A and Baby B having a grand time shopping. Clearly Bree was unamused with picture time and Adriana thought something was hilarious. LOL